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UNIX Systems Administrator

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Solaris & Linux professional with 20 years experience in server and desktop build, administration, performance and monitoring, from Sparc 20’s to E5K and Sunfire Servers. Installation and use of many UNIX applications including Oracle ®™, all in a production environment where awareness of commercial issues is of primary concern. Saved company £50k annually on maintenance and support. Taught & supported Computer Aided Design & Manufacture, Product Lifecycle Management (PDM) and UNIX Common Desktop Environment ® around the UK. Competent Korn, Bourne and C Shell programmer. Technically sound with concepts of networking. Work well in a customer-facing role. Main experience with Oracle®™ (Sun) hardware and Solaris.




  • Sun Cluster 3.1 on Sun T2000 Solaris 10 servers.

  • Pentaho Business intelligence Suite.

  • Build and maintenance of SuSE 9.1-10.2 Intel servers and desktop.

  • Build and maintenance of Redhat Enterprise 5.8

  • Maintenance of Several Sun Servers, V240, V440, V480 ,V210.

  • Nagios monitoring and reporting.

  • APF ERP reporting tool.




  • Day to  day  maintenance of  3 Sun Servers,  V880, V440, V250

  • Day to  day  maintenance of  2 SCO UNIX servers.

  • Continued development of Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.

  • Disaster Recovery Simulation.

  • Legacy hardware replacement.

  • Sun Certified System Administrator Solaris 9




  • UNIX Systems Engineer - ITC, Alstom Power Knutsford



  • Planning installation/build of Sun Sparc Solaris ®™ servers and Redhat ®™ Linux on Intel ®™ 2.5.1-2.9. Added internal/external disks and memory on Sparc 20 through to E5k servers

  • Shared responsibility for other UK Alstom sites running UNIX.

  • Managing/providing a UNIX patching solution for all UK Alstom UNIX servers.

  • Installation of Oracle and Database administration (Oracle 7.2-9i) using DBA studio.

  • Monitor performance and application availability on Solaris. Written Korn shell scripts for this purpose.

  • Administration and backup of 24x7 company critical project management Oracle database

  • Installation and maintenance of Samba, Sharity ®™ and Apache.

  • Solaris 2.5.1 – 2.9, RedHat Linux 7.2 and 9.0 Administration on Sun Sparc 20, Ultra 1, 5 and 30 for Sun desktop. Sun Sparc 20, Ultra 30, Ultra 2 Enterprise, Sparc Center 

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